Jive Jimmy

Jive Turkey Jimmy Is Top Wiener


The annual Hotdog Trials finally had some great riding weather and only 17 riders took advantage of this stellar day. And if the weather wasn't enough of a trick, after the trials everyone was greeted with the super (hot) chili, dogs, and treats. Thanks goes to the Carver's, Hopkins, and all who chipped in. The Novice class had 4 brave soles that stepped up to the challenge. Young Tyler Logsdon was edged out by the mystery man Steve ? for 3rd. The elder Logsdon, Joe finished in a steady 2nd with Randy "Macho Man" Storr bringing home the gold.

The always-big Amateur class had the man of the day with Jive Turkey Jimmy heading up this bunch. Mr. Bridges was a force to be reckoned with. For instance, in section 7, the amateur line had the option of heading around a 4 - 5ft high ledge at the exit, but the Jive Turkey elected try and ride straight up the ledge. So while he was walking the section, he put in a little kicker about 5ft from the ledge. He started out riding the section clean hopping the front and rear wheel around with ease. Then he started pulling air turns all over the place. Now Jim was at the end of the section and was ready for the ledge. He revved up his 280 Pro Gas Gas, dumped the clutch, and proceeded to pull out a perfect splatter that would make champ riders feel jealous. Jim was jiving on this day. Bob Sanderson was in the groove too but ended up in 2nd by dropping only one more point than Bridges. Russ Amos nudged out Jerry Vetter for that prized 3rd spot.

The Intermediate class was all across the board. Mike Carpenter left no doubts about being the man today. Steve "I'm improving all the time" Eichelberger left no doubts that he was 2nd in charge and Ken Brown Jr. left no doubts that he needs to practice more, a lot more. Ha ha.

The Experts only had two riders that were able to stay and ride the event but there were around 5 on Sat night that helped celebrate Eva Carvers 21st birthday. Bill Drake came in 2nd after his bike finally decided to stay running while Marc Carpenter hobbled his way to a first.

The Masters put on a pretty good show for everyone with their trick riding even though I think Mr. Bridges was more exciting to watch. No surprise with Jason Carpenter taking first, Scott Carpenter, whom seems to be improving a little with his bike, finishing 2nd and Wild Bill Sanderson rounding this group. Great event trials masters. See scores below.

1. Randy Storr 18 Gas
2. Joe Logsdon 41 Gas
3. Steve ? 61 ?
4. Tyler Logsdon 70 Gas
1. Jim Bridges 21 Gas
2. Bob Sanderson 22 Gas
3. Russ Amos 29 Gas
4. Jerry Vetter 34 Fan
1. Mike Carpenter 17 Gas
2. Steve Eichelberger 28 Gas
3. Ken Brown 42 Gas
1. Marc Carpenter 28 Gas
2. DBill Drake 54 Gas
1. Jason Carpenter 21 Gas
2. Scott Carpenter 31 Gas
3. Bill Sanderson 43 Gas