Quarry Cup 03' -The Rain Gods Were Back-


The 30th Annual Quarry Cup/Central Regional Series rounds 1 & 2 in Trenton, MO had something for everyone. From the new Cadet class to a great Saturday night meal to a torrential down poor, this QC seemed to have it all. The weather was great on Saturday, but Sunday was a completely different story, especially for the A.M. riders. The new Cadet class had a mighty impressive showing as 6 youngsters rose to the challenge. Bryan Drake grabbed the 3rd spot while Nathan Dennis and Tyler Logsdon battled out for the top spot. Tyler was the victor this weekend but I have a feeling these 2 youngsters are going to have long friendly rivalry.

Next up is the Novice class and this class was unusually small. But after looking at the Amateur class, I can see why. The Mucman, Rick Muckey, recently back from injury, showed he still knows how to ride and finished 3rd. Tyler Curnes from NE rode to a solid 2nd while "The Man" George Kirby left no doubts and took the win. Now to all those Novice riders that moved up and are now in the Amateur class. There were a lot of close scores here and some great competition among this class. Over all, Mike Cramsey rode to 3rd while Mike Williams finished 2nd. Allen Haaga piloted his Gas Gas to 1st. The Senior Amateur class sure did hold true to the saying "age before beauty". Dan Maupin from IL took the 3rd spot on the podium overall and Dale Reynolds was a half step higher on the 2nd spot. The ageless wonder Dean Metsker finished 1st.

The Intermediate class had Hollywood come home with the gold. Paul Turnbull edged out his co-pilot Ken Brown for the silver. The Senior Expert class had "The Commish" Carl Hopkins taking the overall win with Rick Stiger and Mike Peterson finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. Greg Engel came out of retirement to win the Expert class. Mr. Gas Gas Dale Malasek was close behind and took 2nd while Scott Williams of OK rode to 3rd. There was no surprise in the Master class with David Chavez bringing home the gold. There was a shake up in the 2nd and 3rd spots though as Jake Wieland took 2nd overall and Steve Clark finishing 3rd. That's right, no Jason Carpenter in the top 3. He must have his mind on his wedding coming up in Nov. The results are below of all riders. On a special note, Thanks to all the M.A.T.T. ladies who helped in all ways possible.

Results from the Quarry Cup 03'.

Cadet Overall:
1. Tlyler Logsdon Gas 6
2. Nathan Dennis Yam 11
3. Bryan Drake Yam 34
4. Dawson Dennis Yam 87
5. Joey Drake Yam 93
6. Tammy Griffin Tom DNF
Novice Overall:
1. George Kirby Gas 12
2. Tyler Curnes Gas 39
3. Rick Muckey Gas 50
4. Joe Logsdon Gas 78
5. Josh Koerperich Gas DNF
5. Rick Dewey Gas DNF
5. B.J. Dewey Gas DNF
5. Tim Kristl Yam DNF
Amateur Overall:
1. Allen Haaga Gas 29
2. Mike Williams Gas 36
3. Mike Cramsey Bet 37
4. David Kirby Gas 39
5. Robert Fields Bet 45
6. Randy Dennis Gas 47
7. Terry Curnes Gas 48
8. Bob Sanderson Gas 66
9. Kenny Reed Gas 68
10. David Nuessen Gas 75
11. Russ Amos Gas 80
12. Jerry Norby Gas 95/16
13. Mike Chebul Gas 95/15
14. Bob Kobourek Mon 130
15. Mike Foland Gas DNF
Senior Amateur Overall:
1. Dean Metsker Gas 17
2. Dale Reynolds Gas 48
3. Dan Maupin Gas 54
4. Gary Wing Gas 57
5. Larry Garrison She 79
6. Hans Wessels Gas 84
7. Gene Toomey Sco 120
8. Larry Findley Gas DNF
8. Jim Bridges Gas DNF
Intermediate Overall:
1. Hollywood Gas 67
2. Paul Turnbull Gas 70
3. Ken Brown Gas 76
4. Steve Eichelberger Gas 83
5. Jason Buster Gas 107
6. Willard Kelley Bet 124.5
7. Hans Wessels Gas 158.5
8. Jason Gerdeman Gas DNF
Senior Expert Overall:
1. Carl Hopkins Gas 29
2. Rick Stiger Gas 40
3. Mike Peterson She 42
4. David Alley Mon 57/28
5. Mike Carpenter Gas 57/24
6. John Day Gas 62
7. Jim Thorton Gas 68
8. Dan Byl Mon 84
9. Ian Griffin She DNF
9. Jim Jeter Gas DNF
9. Dave Johnson Gas DNF
9. Mark Hogan She DNF
9. Don Hubbard She DNF
9. Jim Westcott Mon DNF
Expert Overall:
1. Grieg Engel Gas 47.5
2. Dale Malasek Gas 54
3. Scott Williams Gas 76
4. Marvin Edgington Gas 87
5. Rick Agans She 89
6. Terry Bullard She 100
7. Kelly Echterling Gas 104
8. Craig Lisher Gas 109.5
9. Allen Guyot Gas 112
10. Ken Carr Gas 122/9
11. Matt Roerick Gas 122/8
12. Jesse Wessels She 145
13. Mick Hutchesons Bet DNF
14. Bill Drake Gas DNF
Master Overall:
1. David Chavez She 30
2. Jake Wieland Gas 55
3. Steve Clark Bet 58
4. Jason Carpenter Gas 75.5
5. Scott Carpenter Gas 117
6. Dave Black Mon 123
7. Marc Carpenter Gas 125.5
8. Jeremy Cox Bet 141
9. Bill Sanderson Gas 149
10. Steve Morgan Gas DNF