July Trials

Sorry there is no story, but I can guarantee that the QC will have one. All I can say is; I heard it was hot. Here are the results to all those brave souls that braved the heat.

Results from the June Trials.

1. Tyler Loasdon 97
1. George Kirby 12
2. Jim Miller 22
3. Steve Porter DNF
1. Hans Wessells 6
2. Randy Dennis 8
3. Russ Amos 15
4. Clayton Bigshe 19
5. Bob Sanderson 20
5. Jerry Norby 23
5. Clay Wessells 24
1. Paul Turnbull 9
2. Ken Brown Jr 19
3. Hollwood 27
3. Steve Eichelberger 29
3. Jim Jeter 55
1. Jesse Wessells 33
2. Bill Drake 40
3. Kelly Echterling 44
4. Craig Lisher 51
1. Jason Carpenter 5
2. Bill Sanderson 30

Ute Cup 03'

The 33rd Annual Ute Cup was held on Aug 16th-17th just south of Pueblo, CO. M.A.T.T. had 7 riders make the travel west and ride in the event while there was also 9 members/family members make the trek also and show support. (Dale & Jan, Steve & Ladonna Morgan, Bill & Bob Sanderson, Bill Drake, Sharon Drake with Lloyd & Holly, Marc & Scott Carpenter, Jeter & Dwaine, Wachendorfer, and George Kirby) Most of the M.A.T.T. group had arrived early and made a nice vacation out of the trip. Some went White Water Rafting, most checked out Bishop's Castle, and some even played with Bears. Due to us arriving early, we got to pick out our campsites and got to hang out with a pretty cool camp host named Josh. (Josh said he is going to try and make it to the QC so you all can visit with him then). By the way, the weather over in CO was in the 50's at night and low 80's during the day. (I heard it was in the 100's in KC. Just another reason you should have gone.)

Sat morning we ride up to the riders meeting and get the low down on the plans for the day, 2 loops with 20 sections each loop. The kicker was, each loop was 22 miles long and that's without riding the sections. (the Gas Gas's will make it on one tank of gas, but I took some extra with me just in case) Due to the restrictions in CO with the Forestry dept and all that, all the riders were to ride together in a single file line to the start gate on Sat. I heard that seeing 90 trials bikes going down the road is pretty impressive. I happened to pull up next to Jake (Wieland) in "the line" and found out that he is the Expert/Sportsman National Champion. Congrats Jake! After we reach the start gate, Stan (Hensley) starts to call off the names. I finally hear my name, get my card and take off to section one. The first loop went pretty good. I stayed dry while Bill Sanderson (who was ahead of me) got hit with some rain. Steve, on his brand new bike, just got a few sprinkles. The second loop was a different story. Due to not riding my bike for a couple months before the event, needless to say, I was not in riding condition and fatigue was taking its toll. I got so out of shape in one section, I ended up riding into a tree and when I came out, I had a branch stuck in my arm and I was having to ride my bike looking like a dog when it sticks his head out the car window because I wasn't able to see where I was going due to the fullness of the branch. I finally finished all 20 sections and cruised down the loop to the finish area. Once I arrived, I just sat there for a few minutes because I was so tired and worn out. (I learned my lesson about trying to ride the loop as fast as I could) I got ready to head back to camp and Ryon Bell pointed out that I had a flat tire. I knew I had a slow leak and it was probably low but by this time of the day, I was too tired to even bother trying to pump it up or fix it so I rode back to camp sitting on the handle bars. Once back to camp, I needed a beer. I had one then got started on the bike maintenance and got most things back together while I did borrow a rear tire for the next day. (I can't believe a tire with about 14 plugs will leak).

Sat night we all sat around the campfire and traded our war stories of the day. If there had only been a bog section. Ha ha. Sunday was another beautiful day. I personally rode better, and I think most everybody else did too. During my 2nd loop on Sun, I was lucky enough to run into Jeter, Dwaine, and George on the loop. It's always nice to have a cheering section follow you around for a bit. Once George flashed me though, I lost all concentration. I just couldn't get that image out of my head. Ha ha.

Finally I was done for the day and all that was left was awards. Dale, Steve, and I took 3rd for visiting club teams while Scott, Bill, and Bill took 5th. I want to thank all the M.A.T.T. members and family for making the Ute Cup a great time. Also, thanks goes to the R.M.T.A. club for putting on one of the best trials events of the year. Congratulations to Bob Sanderson for entering and finishing the event also. Bob is a true "Iron Man".