Fun in the sun

May 03’ Trials


Talk about a great weekend. The May “Fun in the Sun” 2-day could not have been better scripted. Saturday was filled with a lot of riders out practicing, people working on their camp sites, and a very much appreciated Trials school. Many of the “students” wanted to thank the “teachers” for their time, knowledge, and techniques that were taught and passed on during the session. Sat night had a little surprise graduation party for (soon to be) Dr. Bill Sanderson and the throwing of “The Shoes” (and what a great pair they were). I’ve l earned that experience will beat out luck in the long run. The luck (Jason & I) – being ahead 3-1 in the series of a couple of the best horse shoe throwers out there (Hoppie & Bird) with even a miraculous come back from being down 10-0 in one of the matches. Experience - Let some time pass for the luck to wear off, the keg become a little lighter from the lucky one’s drinking it and that should do it. Well, the experience shined through and won the series 4-3. Good times, Good times. Sunday came around (some later than others) and the weather was perfect for riding. 31 riders entered the event that Morgan and Thorton had set up. There were 9 Novices who went at it and …. Brian Dewey was the big winner. 2nd went to ….. Rick Dewey who beat out Adam Storr on cleans. In a very close 4th was Randy Dennis. Only 3 points separated these 4 riders. Next up was the shockingly small Amateur class but that didn’t keep the competitiveness low. Tom Turnbull edged out Mr. Wachendorfer by a point for the win while Bob Sanderson just edged out Mr. Findley by 2 points for 3rd. The Intermediate class was a large one and had a few hot riders. The hottest of them all was Jim Thorton who beat out Paul Turnbull by a couple for the win. Mike Carpenter came home with the bronze. The Expert class had the usual faces in familiar places. Kelly took top honors with Carl right behind. Craig Lisher finished 3rd ahead of Bill Drake. No surprises in the Master class with Jason taking 1st, Bruce 2nd and Scotty rounding out the top three.

The rest of the results:

1. Brian Dewey 5
2. Rick Dewey 6 (21 cleans)
3. Adam Storr 6 (20 cleans)
4. Randy Dennis 8
5. Randy Storr 13
6. Kenton Echterling 25
7. Gary Barton 32
8. B.J. Dewey 35
9. George Kirby DNF
1. Tom Turnbull 18
2. Bill Wachendorfer 19
3. Bob Sanderson 32
4. Larry Findley 34
5. Allen Haaga 42
5. Ken Brown 42
7. Steve Eichelberger 52
8. Jim Jeter 52
9. Jason Buster 57
1. Jim Thorton 13
2. Paul Turnbull 15
3. Mike Carpenter 20
4. Tim Turnbull 37
1. Kelly Echterling 41
2. Carl Hopkins 48
3. Craig Lisher 59
4. Bill Drake 67
1. Jason Carpenter 35
2. Bruce Carver 50
3. Scott Carpenter 60
4. Bill Sanderson 63
5. Marc Carpenter 67