Carpenter’s Clean House

April 03’ Trials

By Webster

The April Trials was held out at the club grounds in Trenton, MO and was put on by The Sanderson’s and Greg Engel. The weather was simply perfect for the 8 sections, 3 loops for all classes and the 9th exhibition section that was set up for Masters only. Many people came out the Sat before to clean up camps, build shelters, open trailers and get some practice in. Nothing like a spring cleaning to get things going. Speaking of cleaning, there were a couple of beginner riders that we will start the trials report with. Smokin’ Joe Loasdon edged out his youngster Tyler for the victory. I’m not sure how much longer this will continue though as Tyler looks to be a Master in the making.

Moving onto the Novice class, “The Mucman”, Rick Muckey edged out Rowdy Randy Dennis by a point for the win. There was another close battle for 3rd as Dog Pound member, John “Ruff” Ruff topped fellow D.P. member Rumpshaking Randy Storr by 2.

The “Show Stopper”, Steve Eichelberger was all business in the Amateur class as he left no doubts and blew away the competition. The “Wood Shop Warrior” Russ Amos went toe to toe against fellow handy man Bob “Villa” Sanderson as Russ proved to use his power sander more effectively by shaving off 1 more point to nab the 2nd spot. There was also some rumor of some horsing around in this class. When one of the accused was asked, he replied “No comment”. Now, I am pretty sure that riding a horse through the sections will get you disqualified and I noticed there were a couple scores that did not get turned in. Only problem is, I didn’t see any horses.

Now ½ of the headliner, “Mr. Clean” (except with hair) Mike Carpenter was said to be in a grove and his score was proof. With the way this guy was moving on his b ike, he has been asked to appear on “Soul Train” later this month. Date and time is TBA. Also appearing on the show as a guest DJ will be the 2nd place finisher “Jap Zap Rapper” Jim Jeter who can cut a rug with the best of them. 3rd place finisher “Pretty Boy” Paul Turnbull was asked to make an appearance as all models do, but respectfully declined as he didn’t want to steal the lime light with his chic magnet status. On a side note, Jim Bridges was seen out and about and riding on a trials bike again. Great to have you back Jim.

First there was “Sugar” Ray Leonard vs. “Marvelous” Marvin Haggler, then – “The Real Deal” Evander Holyfield vs. “Iron” Mike Tyson, and now – “The Keystone Cop” Kelly Echterling vs. “The Commissioner” Carl Hopkins. When these two riders get together, you know it’s going to be battle. The special referee was Dave “The Judge” Johnson who happened to take 3rd. Kelly did edge out Carl for the win but as always, the scores were very close.

Finally!!!, the Master class was wide open. With Jake and Jason at the Nationals, everyone was shooting for the top spot. Birthday Boy Scott Carpenter took full advantage as he got cooking early in the 2nd loop and never shut off the burner. “The Splatter Man” Steve Morgan made a late surge with a tremendous 3rd loop to try and close the gap but the damage had already been done so he had to settle for 2nd on the day. Marc Carpenter who had to have his jaw put back in place after an awkward crash a couple weeks earlier rounded out the top 3. All five Masters also rode their last section of the day 3 times. This was an exhibition section that had a pretty big entrance rock and was very technical through out. This was also a chance for the other riders and spectators to check out some of the top M.A.T.T. riders in a fun and challenging section. Not to disappoint, 3 of the Masters decided to launch off the 5 ft entrance rock instead of riding over it which was pretty nutty considering the landing area. Then the riders had to make a 120 degree turn to the right and ride up a group of rocks that had only one line to get up it cleanly. To far to the right and you were falling about 4 ft down hard into the rocks and to far to the left, it was gap city. After getting to the top, there was a very tricky 180 turn up a little hill in loose gravel that seemed to give most riders a problem. After the turn, it was to a down hill 2ft ledge that required a precise jap zap. Once over the ledge it was another, ride across the tips of rocks and then a 4 ft drop off. After the drop off, there was a 3-4 ft ledge that set up the rider for the exit. Once up the ledge, a 90 degree turn to the exit. This was very difficult due to the gaps between the rocks and one missed rock sent the rider down to the land of no r eturn. Marc was the only one to get through the section with three 3’s while Scott, Steve, Adam, and Bill all finished with two 3’s and a 5.

1. Joe Loasdon 55
2. Tyler Loasdon 69
1. Rick Muckey 22
2. Randy Dennis 23
3. John Ruff 32
4. Randy Storr 34
5. Gary Barton 50
6. Kenton Echterling 69
1. Steve Eichelberger 11
2. Russ Amos 29
3. Bob Sanderson 30
4. Mike Chebul 45
4. Mike Chebul 45
5. Bob Koboureh 72
1. Mike Carpenter 12
2. Jim Jeter 38
3. Paul Turnbull 42
4. Hollywood 48
5. Ken Brown 55
1. Kelly Echterling 39
2. Carl Hopkins 43
3. Dave Johnson 63
1. Scott Carpenter 39
2. Steve Morgan 46
3. Marc Carpenter 54
4. Adam Hopkins 58
5. Bill Sanderson 69