The Amazing Malasek

March 03’ Trials

By Marc Carpenter

Great weather + Great trials = Great Turnout. That was the formula Trials Masters Ken Brown, Ray Lisher, and Craig Lisher put together for the St. Paddy’s March Trials. This formula worked pretty well too because there were 35 riders that showed up to test there skills against the terrain. The largest group of the day was the Novice class and had 12 Leprechauns challenging for the pot of gold. Dave O’Rausch was the big “Gold” winner of the day. Les O’Furrow pulled a piece of silver out of the pot while Ralph O’Nert grabbed the bronze. The Amateur class is next on the list with AVTA rider Allen O’Haight edging out the usual show stopper Steve O’Eichelberger and the nicest guy ever, Tom O’Turnbull. The Intermediate class was blessed with the presence of the “Wild Man” Art O’Gardner. Art stated that he was in prime riding form and got a great night sleep and this proved to be true as he was victorious. Ex-Sidecar pilot Mike O’Carpenter notched the 2nd spot and Pretty Boy, Paul O’Turnbull 3rd. The Expert class has our headliner, “The Amazing Dale O’Malasek”. I would strongly recommend checking out this guy’s show. As the fist loop got under way, everything was going good. Then a fellow rider had some bike trouble and Dale helped out with the fixing of the bike. Next thing I know, It is now the 3rd loop and Dale was still in the pits fixing the bike. As we are finishing up the trials with the last few sections, a blur of blue comes flying right at us. It’s Dale and he has got the bike fixed and is now finishing up the Trials. Well I don’t even think Dale walked some of the sections but this guy was on fire. He was going from section to section without rest and riding all the sections and doing extremely well. Both riders finished the event on time and Dale had ridden so well that he won the Expert class. Simply Amazing. Kelly O’Echterling who thought he had first, now ended up in 2nd with Tim O’Turnbull finishing 3rd. The Master class seems to be coming down to a 2 man show. Jake O’Wieland and Jason O’Carpenter seem to be the favorites at most events. Well these two lived up to their names as Jason edged out Jake for the title of top Master. The other battle in Master class was for 3rd and Scott O’Carpenter ended up winning that fight.

Novice: Intermediate: 1. D. Rausch 1 Gas 1. A. Gardner 46 Gas 2. L. Furrow 11 Gas 2. M. Carpenter 54 Gas 3. R. Nert 13 She 3. P. Turnbull 59 Gas 4. R. Storr 15 Gas 4. Hollywood 63 Gas 5. C. Wessels 17 She 5. H. Wessels 97 Gas 6. D. Chereewich 19 ? 7. R. Muckey 21 ? Expert: 8. N. Garcon 24 Suz 1. D. Malasek 34 Gas 9. J. Hedrick 32 Gas 2. K. Echterling 39 Gas 10. C. Carpenter 36 Gas 3. T. Turnbull 54 Gas 11. A. Cole 40 Gas 4. J. Wessels 58 ? 12. R. Cole 55 Suz 5. B. Drake 62 Gas

6. D. Walkinshaw DNF Gas Amateur: 1. A. Haight 12 ? Master: 2. S. Eichelberger 18 Gas 1. J. Carpenter 10 Gas 3. T. Turnbull 28 Gas 2. J. Wieland 19 Gas 4. R. Amos 29 Gas 3. S. Carpenter 45 Gas 5. M. Hadeen 29 Hon 4. B. Sanderson 54 Gas 6. B. Sanderson 42 Gas 5. M. Carpenter 65 Gas 7. J. Norby 43 Gas