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46th Annual Quarry Cup
September 14th & 15th

Trenton, MO

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All riders and spectators please read:
MATT will require this release form to be signed by all riders and spectators. If the applicant is under 18 years old the second page of the release form must be completed and signed by parent or legal guardian. The MATT policy will require release forms to be SIGNED EACH YEAR. Riders and spectators will not have to sign a release form each time they attend a trials event.

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About the Club


Mid-America Trials Team has been in existence since the early ‘70’s. We hold events every third Sunday of the month with a start time of approximately 11:00 AM. Spectators always get in free at all events. M.A.T.T. is very family orientated club with kids and adults of all ages. Camping is available at the club grounds and members camp out almost every event weekend. Events are also occasionally supplemented with golf cart agility course competitions.

Our annual 2-day event, the Quarry Cup, is held in September and is part of the Central Regional series featuring some of the best riders in the country. Bring your family and comfortable walking shoes. For more info, contact one of the club members.

How to Join
Anyone with a trials bike can be voted into the club after competing in two of our trials events and paying the annual dues currently at $125. Contact one of the club officers and let us know you will be coming to the event so we can introduce you to the rest of the club.



About Trials
Motorcycle trials, also termed observed trials, is a non-speed event on specialized motorcycles. Trial motorcycles are distinctive in that they are extremely lightweight, lack seating (they're designed to be ridden standing up) and have suspension travel that is short, relative to a motocross or enduro motorcycle.

A trials event is split into sections where a competitor rides through an obstacle course while attempting to avoid touching the ground with the feet. The obstacles in the course may be of natural or constructed elements. In all sections, regardless of content, the designated route is carefully contrived to test the skill of the rider.

Training Videos

In many local observed trials events, the sections are divided into separate courses to accommodate the different skill level of riders, who compete in skill-rated classes. In every section, the competitor is scored by an observer (hence the sport's name) who counts how many times the competitor touches the ground with the foot (or any other part of the body). Each time a competitor touches the ground with a foot, the penalty is one point.

The possible scores in each section consist of 0, 1, 2, 3, or 5. If a competitor makes his or her way through the section without touching the ground with a foot, a score of 0 (called "cleaning the section") is earned.



If he or she touches the ground only once, the score of 1 is earned. If he or she touches down twice, the score of 2 is earned. If he or she touches the ground three times or more, the score of 3 is earned—as long as the section is completed without stalling the motor, dismounting, going out of bounds or going backward. If the competitor fails to complete the section a score of 5 is earned. The winner is the competitor with the least points at the end of the event. Some events are also timed with penalty points assessed to late riders

2019 MATT Officers
  Kelly Echterling
Vice President:
  Steve Byrne
  Carl Hopkins
  Ken Brown

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